Early Years Music Activites

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The Early Years Music Activities and Entertainment 

# 45 Min. Fantastic Entertainment

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Option 1: The Fantastic Hands on Music Session

Specially Designed for Early Years and
Primary Schools

Here are the top five reasons why music can be beneficial to the development of your child.

1. Music increases toddler’s sensory development

2. Music can improve literacy and numeracy

3. Music is a mood lifter

4. Music helps toddlers build coordination

5. Music can help toddlers develop their vocabulary

: Suitable For upto Pre-School Age

A Fun and Unique Time.

We bring the music to you where children experience the joy of making and experiencing music

They don’t sit and watch, nor are they just  ‘entertained’, rather they join in and make music themselves, sing songs, play instruments, dance around and have creative fun!

The music group will run for approximately 45 minutes. Sometimes younger children
will become tired towards the end of this, so a first birthday party might be a bit shorter.

 We bring everything you will need including:
Includes Tambourines, Drum Tambourines, Guiros, Rythmn Sticks, Boom Whackers, Mini Recorders, Shakers, Maracas, Triangles, Kazoos, and the Crazy Bubble Machine

Lots and lots of music playing, dancing and fun body movement activities

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Option 2: A Fun New and Exciting Silly Magic Show

Specially Designed for Early Years and Suitable and Available
For Pre-schools, Playgroups, Nurseries,Toddler Groups, Etc.

:Tons of Interaction
: Mischievous Puppets
: Funny Magic and Illusions
: Tons of Laughter and Fun
: Mini Disco and Disco Lights
:Great Toddler Dance Music
:Crazy Bubble Machine

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We are Going to Have a Great Time !!

Fantastic Party Extra = £15.00
: A Party Certificate and
A Balloon Model for All Children
( Dog, Sword, Giraffe, Horse, Etc )

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It’s Easy to
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Silly Magic Show, The Best Mini Disco, Music Instrument Playing, The Crazy Bubble Machine